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Celebrating the Success of Alleyways of Gosport project

The Alleyways of Gosport project reached its pinnacle on November 24th, culminating in a vibrant celebration of community and creativity. A guided tour unveiled captivating artworks nestled in the town's historic alleyways, transforming them into open-air galleries. At the centre of the project, the High Street's Discovery Centre welcomed the public to an exciting exhibition showcasing the town's rich history and artistic spirit.

Dive into the immersive journey of the Alleyways of Gosport project with an exclusive video by Strong Island Media. From conception to installation, witness the development and unveiling of remarkable artworks, capturing the essence of Gosport's heritage.

Interviews with the project team, artists, and enthusiastic members of the public provide insights into the creative process. For an in-depth experience, explore the official Alleyways of Gosport site at, where the video and project details can be found, inviting you to relive the magic of this transformative community initiative.


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