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How to support us

Every contribution, big or small, plays a crucial role in our mission to blend art, heritage, and community. Our journey is powered by the passion and dedication of individuals like you.

Be a part of our mission

Together, we're not just occupying spaces; we're giving them a new heartbeat, crafting a legacy of creativity and connection. We're not just transforming spaces; we're reimagining communities.

Volunteer Your Time and Talent

Your skills can light up our projects, inspire others, and drive our mission forward. From hands-on help at our events to offering expertise in your speciality, your contribution is a vital part of our delivery.

Donate Materials or Spaces

Your unused/unwanted materials, and furniture can become the medium for masterpieces, and an empty space can turn into a hub of creativity. By donating towards our projects you're directly fueling artistic endeavours and community revitalization.

Spread the Word

Help us grow our community by sharing our vision. Introductions to potential collaborators, supporters, or spaces can catalyze our next transformative project.

Volunteer with SCT:

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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Work experience

We believe in providing meaningful and enriching experiences for students on work experience placements. We invite you to to join us where we can offer a number of key benefits which you can look forward to during your time with us:

  • Skill Building: Develop essential job market skills, including project management, communication, and teamwork.

  • Real Project Experience: Engage in real projects from day one, making a tangible impact.

  • Shadowing Senior Professionals: Observe and participate in tasks with our senior members, gaining insights into strategic decision-making.

  • CV Enhancement: Refine your CV to highlight your strengths and newly developed skills.

  • Targeting Potential Employers: Get assistance in identifying and targeting suitable employers for permanent positions.

  • Interview Preparation: Receive comprehensive interview prep, including mock interviews and feedback sessions.

  • References: Obtain a detailed reference upon successful completion.


We are dedicated to building a strong foundation for your career and look forward to supporting your development. Please send your CV and preferred dates to be considered to We especially welcome disadvantaged students who have faced challenges.

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