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Discover the buildings and spaces from which SCT and our associates bring projects and initiatives to life.

The Old Pay Office

Located within Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard and believed to be one of the earliest examples of a fire-proof building in the south of England, the Pay Office boasts a storied past dating back to 1798. Forming part of the administrative heart of the dockyard, it managed the workers' wages and was the workplace of the father of renowned Portsmouth-born author Charles Dickens. Extensively rebuilt after suffering significant bomb damage during World War II, until recently it served as a repository for artefacts from the Mary Rose Museum, adding another layer to its eclectic history.

Today, the Pay Office has been reimagined by the Sustainable Conservation Trust as a vibrant cultural hub and workplace for our resident artists, makers and craftspeople. Regularly hosting workshops, student activities and seminars, it also serves as a dynamic space for creativity and community engagement.


Through its revitalized presence, the Pay Office continues to honor its heritage while embracing its role as a catalyst for cultural enrichment in the Portsmouth community.

Current residents of the Pay Office:

Clarke Reynolds

Petal & Pchelka

Home of the Good Chair

Crying Out Loud

Sally Tyrie

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectibles

How to find us:

The Old Pay Office can be found opposite No. 6 Cinema on College Road, near the main entrance of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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