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Ankle Deep Celebrates

Ankle Deep, an experimental and experiential studio located in Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard, marks its first anniversary. Over the past year, the studio has become a hub for the local creative community, drawing in students, university faculty, and industry professionals to learn and experiment with new and timeless creative practices. The range of creatives working at Ankle Deep is vast and varied, utilizing materials and inspiration from the dockyard's rich heritage to express their ideas. With the support of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, Ankle Deep has accomplished much in its first year, including raising funds for charity, launching its own magazine and hosting events. Keep an eye out for exciting plans and developments for the studio in the coming year.

The Sustainable Conservation Trust, are thrilled to support Ankle Deep and are proud to be a part of the studio's journey in making a positive impact on the community and promoting the importance of conservation through the arts.

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