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Unlocking Potential: Portsmouth's empty buildings

An evolving map that aims to connect stakeholders with vacant buildings for diverse functions and activities.

SCT is in the process of building a map of underused sites wthin Portsmouth. Despite being an Island City with limited space to build, we have identified many vacant properties. The Council is under huge pressure to build new homes, affordable space is needed for our talented creative industries and our graduates need small work spaces, all ideally within walking / cycling distance.

We believe if our resources are pooled we can present our existing, underused building stock in a visually engaging way rather than a dry database, with the aim that more creative solutions to this problem can arise. As citizens with various skills, and facing the climate crisis, we can no longer wait for these solutions to be provided solely by local authorities. We intend to maintain this data as a free and open resource on our website to encourage maximum engagement, and would be happy to provide further support to building owners and coordinate with any potential interested parties.

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