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Alleyways of Gosport exhibition: call for volunteers

Join the ALLEYWAYS OF GOSPORT exhibition as a volunteer! Various tasks available from 13th to 25th November, ranging from assisting artists at installations to prepping questionnaires. Help gather valuable visitor data, and be part of creating a vibrant arts experience! Whether you're available for an hour or the whole day, your contribution matters. Tasks include setting up exhibitions, guiding walking tours, and assisting at the Xmas market stall on the 25th. Be a part of this exciting initiative and make a difference in your community! Contact us at or via if you would like to help us with the following tasks:

Pre-Exhibition Tasks (Nov 13 - Nov 16)

  • Prep Questionnaires & Reporting to ACE

    • Tasks: Prepare questionnaires, assist with reporting to ACE, organize volunteers, edit and curate exhibition material.

    • Time Slots: Flexible (1-hour minimum to full day)

  • Design & Print Installation Map

    • Tasks: Design map of installations, print, and prepare QR codes for electronic questionnaire.

    • Time Slots: Flexible (1-hour minimum to full day)

Installation Support (Nov 16 - Nov 22)

  • Installation Assistance

    • Tasks: Accompany artists at installation locations, wear high-vis jackets, gather data using questionnaires and clickers.

    • Time Slots: Flexible (1-hour minimum to full day)

Exhibition Set-Up (Nov 24)

  • Setting Up Exhibition

    • Tasks: Help set up the exhibition at the Discovery Centre.

    • Time Slots: Morning slots

  • Walking Tour & Axe Throwing Party

    • Tasks: Usher people, assist in walking tour (4-6pm), help at the axe-throwing party.

    • Time Slots: Afternoon and evening slots

Market Stall & Xmas Lights (Nov 25)

  • Market Stall Setup & Management

    • Tasks: Set up market stalls, drive material, man the stall, talk about the project, pack up stall at 8 pm.

    • Time Slots: Morning to 8 pm


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