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Potential collaboration between SCT and University of Portsmouth School of Architecture

The Sustainable Conservation Trust (SCT) has recently invited collaboration with the University of Portsmouth's School of Architecture, marking the beginning of a promising partnership that holds tremendous potential for students and productive development in the field of heritage conservation.

Dedicated to preserving and sustainably using historic structures, SCT can provide students with a unique opportunity to integrate academic learning with real-world experiences. The Former Pay Office Building at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, SCT's vibrant base, is offered as a hub for for hands-on work, portfolio development, and experience on authentic projects aligned with heritage conservation challenges.

This collaboration transcends academic and professional boundaries, synergizing students' innovative perspectives with SCT's commitment to creative placemaking. The School of Architecture's reputation for real-life project experiences is a natural match with SCT's community-driven projects, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and practical skills.

As the festive season unfolds, SCT and the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture envision a New Year filled with possibilities to lay

the foundation for a partnership benefiting students and contributing to the preservation of our historic built environment. Cheers to a delightful Christmas and the exciting prospects of this budding collaboration in the New Year!


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