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Exhibition: Spatial Fragments

Open 11am-4pm daily from 5th–14th April 2024 at Boathouse 5

In the heart of Storehouse 9, a building at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, an ambitious project is underway.

Spatial Fragments is a location-specific project that seeks to record and respond to research into the existing architectural features, objects, artefacts and archives linked to this historic building before redevelopment and change sweep them away forever.

Working with combinations of printmaking, drawing, sculpture, book art and installation Fine Artists Pippa Charlesworth and Sally Tyrie have been making work that reimagines and reinterprets the discoveries they have made from their repeat visits. Their journey of discovery has been supported by collaboration with Deniz Beck of Ankle Deep Studios. The resulting exploratory work and installations seek to convey a personal interpretation of a sense of place. 

An authentic, personal and beautiful reimagining that observes and celebrates their fascination with the space. 

A homage and visual reminder of the beauty of imperfection and decay.

A celebration of the building, its history and the ways in which art can capture and preserve the essence of a place.

Thanks to the Sustainable Conservation Trust's support through their 'Crafted by SCT' initiative, 'Spatial Fragments' shines a light on the temporary yet meaningful use of empty historic buildings, demonstrating their untapped value before any permanent transformation.

More information about the artists can be found here:


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