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Revitalising Fort Brockhurst: A Beacon for Community Regeneration

Despite its rich potential, the Fort Brockhurst remains largely inaccessible to the public, utilised primarily for pre-arranged events during the summer months. Recognising the opportunity for economic and social rejuvenation, we at the Sustainable Conservation Trust envision Fort Brockhurst as a cornerstone for community development.

Once home to a Heritage Skills training school, the fort's closure has led to neglect, with issues such as dampness plaguing its historic structure. SCT proposes the reopening of this school, not only to preserve the fort but also to serve as a hub for community engagement.

Our feasibility study, commissioned by the fort's owner English Heritage, has paved the way for transformative plans. A Scheduled Monument consent application is underway to repurpose the North Casemates into artist studios and makers' spaces, akin to the successful Hotwalls Studios in Old Portsmouth. This redevelopment initiative encompasses a range of facilities, including restaurants, cafes, accommodations, galleries, and museum spaces, aiming to make Fort Brockhurst a self-sustaining cultural and educational centre.

International interest in the project has sparked prospects for collaboration and residency exchange programmes. With support from the Arts Council, particularly for the artist studios, we are poised to ignite interest and drive forward the site's development and its surrounding community.

As SCT, we are uniquely positioned to undertake and manage this project, driven by our commitment to our community's heritage and potential. With a blend of experienced and emerging talents, we aim to breathe new life into Fort Brockhurst, turning it into a thriving symbol of community resilience and cultural preservation.


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