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SCT Stands for Preservation: Protecting The News Centre as a Heritage Asset

At the heart of heritage preservation lies the commitment to safeguarding the architectural treasures that weave the fabric of our past. The Sustainable Conservation Trust (SCT) proudly lends its voice in support of the local campaign to protect The News Centre, a significant landmark in Hilsea, from demolition.

With the support of the Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust, the fervent local opposition against the demolition of The News Centre resonates with SCT's core mission to aid the preservation of historical and iconic structures. The former printing press on London Road holds historical and architectural value that transcends time, and standing as a testament to the post-war architecture movement it remains a poignant reminder of the nation's cultural resurgence following World War II.

In anticipation and support of its worthy inclusion on Historic England's National Heritage List for England, SCT advocates for the identification of The News Centre as a Non-Designated Heritage Asset in recognition of its intrinsic historic, artistic, and architectural significance within the local community. As an organization deeply committed to sustainable practices, we also share the concern about the significant environmental impact of demolishing such a structure. The energy expended in demolition and subsequent construction could be better channeled towards adaptive reuse, reducing carbon emissions, and embracing a more eco-conscious approach.

We also wholeheartedly support the call for the introduction of an Article 4 Directive, which would pause the rapid progression of demolition plans and necessitate a thorough consideration of the building's heritage value in the decision-making process. Such a directive aligns with SCT's ethos of measured, deliberate preservation, ensuring that historical gems aren't lost to haste.

The News Centre stands as a symbol of Portsmouth's communal history, an architectural marvel that deserves respect. SCT joins hands with the local community, the Twentieth Century Society, and all those passionate about heritage conservation in the pursuit of protecting The News Centre. This campaign reflects the power of unity in safeguarding our heritage and creating a sustainable future.

We invite all like-minded individuals and organizations to rally behind the preservation of The News Centre and unite to create a legacy that bridges the city's past with the present, preserving our local heritage for generations to come.

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