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SCT Announces Business Mentor Lead

We are delighted to announce that Simon Terry has accepted to be our Business Mentor Lead of our Studio for Good Intentions. (You will hear about this new arm of SCT in a separate news article, watch this space)

In 2001 Simon Terry left a successful career as a film compositor, working on a range of blockbuster movies, including James Bond, Zorro and Les Miserable, to join the family business, Anglepoise. In the last 20 years he has helped rejuvenate the business, bringing on board Sir Kenneth Grange as Design Director and forging relationships with collaborators such as Margaret Howell and Paul Smith.

Now, as owner and Joint Managing Director at Anglepoise, he sees himself as custodian of the brand and its DNA. He also has a keen eye on the future and the legacy of Anglepoise and is focused on developing new, meaningful collaborations as well as introducing initiatives such as the new lifetime guarantee and reducing the use of single use plastics across the company.

By running a local Portsmouth business, he has always taken a keen interest in the city and the way it can grow into a more sustainable community, by enhancing and celebrating the creative industries already here. Improving the local skills in making and developing products, which will increase local sourcing. Providing economic growth for the area.

He also sees broadening the scope of education and apprenticeships as a key to providing opportunities for the next generation. In his experience “Young people don’t want our sympathy. They simply want the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities”

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