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Meanwhile Spaces for cultural use

Breathing New Life into Empty Spaces

The Purpose Party at Boathouse 5

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We recently had the exciting opportunity to sponsor and coordinate an innovative pop-up event at an empty Boathouse 5 building in the Dockyard. Dubbed the Purpose Party this one-day transformation showcased the potential of using vacant spaces for cultural activities and community engagement.

Milena, our co-director and dedicated educator, took centre stage at the event. Along with a brief presentation on the history of the building, Milena's students conducted in-depth research on the building's past, creating stunning posters and took place on the bannering workshop. You can see their work alongside the highlights of the Purpose Party

The Purpose Party demonstrated the power of "meanwhile space value" by transforming an empty building into a vibrant event space within just a day. This concept was discussed with and caught the attention of the Arts Council, who expressed their interest in using such spaces for cultural activities during a recent meeting in Portsmouth. Their relationship manager for the South region Sarah Madden has visited the event, managed to see the work of the local artists taking part on the event including MyDogSighs

For now, we invite you to explore the creative potential of vacant spaces and consider how they can contribute to cultural and community engagement. Together, we can breathe new life into empty spaces and create unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

Photo and video credit Strong Island Media

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